Sunday, February 28, 2010

For Right Eyes Only

To every Republican/conservative lawmaker:

Before you accept that invitation to debate the latest topic on a national cable news channel, renounce the "hypocritic oath" that you seem to have taken when we weren't looking. And yes, I did make up a word. On both sides of the aisle, you spew talking points without any regard comments you made last year, last month, or even last week. It's getting old, and I'm sick of it.

On health care: before mentioning tort reform again, be prepared to explain how the Federal government is supposed to foist its will on the state legislatures. Medical malpractice suits are carried out at the state level. We conservatives hold the sovereignty of states so sacred... have an argument for how you'll get around an inconvenient truth in this case.

On social spending: be prepared to justify the flight of billions of dollars on martial campaigns across the globe with no official declaration of war. Though they may be just, your argument for war (and against the advance of socialism) often centers on, "the constitutional authority to do so". The Constitution is not a-la-carte.

On illegal immigration: we often site the rule of law, and its enforcement when discussing what to do with those that entered this country illegally, or overstayed their lawful presence. So I implore you, if the law is good enough for this issue, it should be good enough for the trial of enemy combatants. If it's a military tribunal you want, do so under the very same umbrella of law that you cited previously. Otherwise, be prepared to tell the viewers why some laws related to national security can be ignored, while others must be enforced posthaste.

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Michelle Schultz said... found your voice today. Excellent post. Even though I'm a Dem I agree that I'm sick of a lot of the same things.